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Relaxing Experience in Sardinia.

Guest House in Orgosolo with Swimming Pool and Typical Cuisine. Cozy Rooms with Views of the Orgosolo Mountains

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Relax in our structure, with rustic-style rooms. Enjoy the best sunsets, our pool overlooking the Supramonte mountains. Taste our typical dishes, crafted by our chef Simone! Experience a unique stay immersed in greenery; let us show you why we are everyone's favorite destination!



About Us

Holidays in Sardinia: Guesthouse with swimming pool and Sardinian cuisine in Orgosolo


The EFFORT of a lifetime, reflected in hard work, led Fausto Catgiu to create an ambitious project, evident in every moment in the construction of this wonderful rustic-style structure nestled in greenery.

Since 2012, a DREAM began to materialize in Fausto's mind, transforming a steep mountain slope on Mount Corrasi and amidst the mountains between Orgosolo and Oliena into this spectacular Guesthouse.

Characterized by being a hardworking FAMILY, full of eagerness to express warmth and closeness to our customers, making them part of this fantastic environment. Thanks to Rita Idili, the maternal sentiment is perfectly represented.

Season after season, the Catgiu family maintains this spectacular space in optimal conditions through CONSISTENCY, a trait that has characterized this family throughout the years.

Undoubtedly, a natural, family-friendly, and tranquil space accessible to all our customers.

It's simply Jannas.

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Arrival calendar
Departure calendar
Guests calendar